Website Design by Biz-IT Solutions

Our Website design solutions at Biz-IT Solutions are not only beautiful, fully functional, User friendly, reasonably priced solutions, Mobile responsive, but offer everything a decent quality website needs. We offer complete new website build, website update, Content management & e-Commerce solutions. At Biz-IT we provide website design solutions for all styles of business, in all industries, any budget & any size of business.

Mobile Responsive

All our website designs are Google & SEO friendly and that fully responsive to work perfectly and look great on every size device.  Statistics show mobile website usage sky-rocketing & massive increase in e-Commerce on Mobile devices, a mobile friendly website is paramount for any business, & it's quickly becoming a must have for any proactive business owner.  Recent Google update & it's move to use GEO location to refine & personalise search results, it has begun to acutely penalises any business that doesn't have mobile friendly & mobile responsive website.  

Your customers will be able access your business anywhere anytime on all standard mobile devices.  Your Biz-IT website will look and perform exactly the same on desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. Our seamless mobile technology offers time period transition from desktop to mobile.

website design by Biz-IT Solutions


Experts in Website Design

Our Websites are built on the WordPress platform, because it is the largest and most used platform.  The WordPress platform is constantly being updated, allowing for the latest features and functionality that's affordable to all businesses.  We at Biz-IT Solutions are expert in everything WordPress & we have specialist html, css & sql programmers on board to customise any website solution to meet your unique needs.  So if there isn't a satisfactory plugin that meets the criteria, we will simply build one.  That is the beauty of dealing with a reputable company with the expertise like Biz-IT Solutions.  We will gladly stand by every product we deliver & we always aim to exceed your expectations.  We are able to impress our clients with the latest technological solutions while not breaking the bank.   

website design by Biz-IT Solutions

Website design with full support

When you hire Biz-IT Solutions, we assume all responsibility of making sure your website performs as it should.  Giving you the peace of mind, allowing you to get on with the important job of running your business. Our support staff are only a phone call away.  All our websites are hosted on Siteground hosting services, who also offer 24/7 support.  So you can rest assured that we have you covered if a glitch occurs.  We will have your business website back up in no time, guaranteed. Most of our clients experience a site-up statistic rate of is 99.9% time, which is fantastic statistic.


website design Biz-IT Solutions