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Web friendly SEO is what we deliver at Biz-IT Solutions.  Our on-line search & SEO Packages could be a complete e-Commerce system excellent for any business or individual trying to sell their merchandise or services on-line.  A significant a part of any fashionable business, the event of an internet search has been for the most part thought of associate unattainable goal for little to medium sized corporations. Our reasonable annual fee structure permits for any business to dramatically expand their client base by marketing their merchandise on-line.

Our expertise and knowledge of on-line search and optimisation, our packages come complete with hosting, domains, emails and support and a straight forward to know e-commerce platform permitting to manage your on-line search with ease.

We make sure to raise your companies ranking in the global and local online market regarding creating your search mobile responsive, guaranteeing you attract the ever-expanding mobile market.  Find out more about our Web friendly SEO packages and solutions or Contact Us to discuss your needs further.

Biz-IT Solutions web friendly SEO

Optimise your web page content to get higher rankings!

The content of your website is important for the search engines as they consider your website's relevancy and importance based on both meta tags and content in relation to the important keywords you fight for.

Guidelines to follow:

  • Include keywords in text - You should make sure that all those keywords you have included in your meta tags and on which searches you wish to come up are included in the text of your site.
  • Consider 5-20% density of the keywords in text - You should make sure that about 5% to no more than 20% of your text is keywords. Be careful not to overcrowd your text with keywords cause you might get penalised. Note that you should have the most important keyword(s) in the beginning of the page as thus they are given more weight.
  • Mind the formatting of the text - Formatting (bolding, H1 titles, etc.) is also important to show the search engines that certain words are more important than others. Thus, if you bold your keywords in your text, they are perceived as more important than other words and thus your text becomes more relevant to these keywords.You should be especially aware of the H1 and subsequent title tags. The H1 is html abbreviation of the most important title on the web page. Make sure you use your most important keyword in that title.
  • Add regularly relevant content to site - You should make sure that you add relevant content to your website. This content addition invites Google to visit your site more often and increase its relevance and importance. An easy way to refresh content is adding a news or tweet module to display most recent feeds.
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