Website update Charlie Forde


Website Update

Website Update of the existing Charlie Forde website.  Charlie Forde is a Private Escort Business that is based in Brisbane but also travels all over Australia. Biz-IT Solutions updated an existing new website to better showcase the business goals and services, to appeal to clientele in the niche adult industry in Australia. The website has been optimised for the search in 3 local areas & to attract traffic that can turn to potential clientele for the business.


The Project

Complete update of the existing Charlie Forde Website. Features include Video banner on the home page, Scrolling banner, scrolling projects gallery, latest photo gallery, plays hosted video, blog & all social profiles linked to the website.  The website has now modern features, is very to use and navigate, fully SEO friendly to Search engines & local GEO friendly.

Charlie Forde Website update

Charlie Forde had an existing website when Biz IT Solutions were hired, and she was relatively new to the adult industry.

Biz IT Solutions updated what was existing to complement the Escorts brand producing a website that is stylish, incorporating latest functionality complete with new branding and logo.  A gallery of projects, video banner on the home page, a scrolling slider banner to showcase the business and services.  Biz IT created all the social links and incorporated them into the website.  The website was optimised in online search for the local area and linked google to it through maps, google my business and google+ reviews. The website was local optimised for 3 local GEO search areas, as shown in the below picture.

Website update Charlie Forde escort website

Our client loves the look and functionality of the new website.  The new website gives the business a online presence that is SEO friendly to reflects the business goals & achieve their online marketing goals.  View the Website online