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Mobile Apps by Biz-IT Solutions. We have exclusive rights to this pioneer technology in the field of mobile apps development, providing a code-free solution for professionals, businesses and organisations to build real time intuitive iOS and Android apps.

As mobile technology has radically transformed the world, we help businesses harness this leading-edge technology, capture more mobile customers and drive real business results.  Through our innovative platform Biz IT Web App, professionals or businesses can have uniquely customised mobile apps built with no coding & within minutes.  The longest part of the process is the submitting and approval of the app to the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or both.  Once your business mobile app is available then your clients can download the appropriate app and you have direct access to your client base.

Affordable solution for all size businesses

Biz IT Mobile App conversion platform has been assembled from the ground up to meet all types of businesses needs. We are excited to be providing this amazing technology to our clients,  proud to put our business name on the end product.  It’s amazing software, that helps us achieve our goal of empowering businesses and consumers to effectively connect and engage through simple, yet powerful mobile apps customised to their  specific brand. I cost of producing a mobile app normally would cost thousands but with this technology we are able to produce a beautiful optimised mobile apps at a very affordable price, allowing the smallest business a winning edge. 

The Biz IT Mobile Apps conversion platform has come about from listening to the needs of our customers and this has enables us to add more important features and security protections, while improving the overall quality of our platform versions, & we are always looking at how we can make it even better. 

We are committed to excellence in serving you in the present and future.

Mobile Apps by Biz IT

What’s the Cost to have access to this amazing technology?

This product will be available exclusively to all our Website design, SEO or Website upgrade Customers.  This software converts your website into a mobile app version, for that reason we require the website to be fully responsive, SEO friendly and fully optimised.  The Biz IT Mobile App will only be available as a add-on service.  The price will include submission of your Biz IT Mobile App to Google Play and Apple Store, and lifetime of updates. 

Biz IT Mobile App can be added to another one of our service or products, for a one time lifetime fee of – $600 includes a Lifetime access to the Mobile app and upgrades.

Just Some of the Features:

  • BUILD IOS AND ANDROID APPS IN REAL TIME – With our powerful API, you can transform any website into iOS and Android apps in real time. Mobile Apps built with Biz-IT can be update and sync data instantly in the platform, when data changes.
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – Configure custom push messages on your device. Your app will be able to receive various notifications in visual alerts.


Mobile Apps by Biz IT Solutions